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7 Tips to Protect the Privilege When the Government Executes a Search Warrant

At the recent ABA White Collar Crime Institute in sunny Miami, I was lucky enough to be on an excellent panel about search warrants. The panel was notable because it had a solid cast of speakers and was in a … Continue reading

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Did the Founding Fathers Think the Fourth Amendment Would Protect our iPhones?

Our mobile devices increasingly hold the details of our lives. Our phones hold the names and contact information of our friends, family and colleagues. They maintain our calendars and plans. They track our internet activity and preferences, store passwords and … Continue reading

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Yet Another Way the Deck Is Stacked Against Defendants—Granting Witness Immunity

Brent Roger Wilkes is nothing if not tenacious. In November 2007, he was convicted of wire fraud, bribery, conspiracy and money laundering, all in connection with a scheme to bribe former California State Congressman Randall “Duke” Cunningham and to defraud … Continue reading

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