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When Your Engagement Letter’s Indemnification Clause Is a Lifesaver: The Penn State Sexual Abuse Scandal

After an internal investigation, the company being investigated must decide whether it wants the law firm (or investigative firm) to author a report of the investigation’s conclusions. The results of this decision may have unintended consequences for both the company … Continue reading

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The Massey Mine Trial’s Discovery Battles Continue, and Why Rule 16 Still S&%ks

I have previously posted about the upcoming trial of Donald Blankenship, the former CEO of Massey Energy Company. Mr. Blankenship was indicted on several charges, including conspiracy to violate federal mine safety standards, following a fatal explosion at one of … Continue reading

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D.C. Circuit Quotes Friends to Slap Down Government’s Criminal Forfeiture Shenanigans

The D.C. Circuit recently slapped down the government in a criminal forfeiture proceeding. In United States v. SunRise Academy, the D.C. Circuit reaffirmed the importance of allowing third parties a fair chance to challenge the government’s seizure of their assets … Continue reading

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Identity Theft Statute Narrowed — A Little Bit

In recent years, the government has increasingly prosecuted individuals under the federal aggravated identity theft statute. This increase may be from the legitimate increase in identity theft but it may also result from the government’s realization that the statute’s mandatory … Continue reading

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