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DOJ’s New Approach to Insider Trading Cases? It’s Not Working Yet

Peter J. Henning, in the always-interesting White Collar Watch, has a great article today about what may be the Department of Justice’s newest way to weasel out of the Newman decision. The defendant in an insider trading case in Atlanta … Continue reading

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The Danger of Opening the Door: Federal Judge Rules that KBR Corporation Must Turn Over Privileged Documents in False Claims Act Case

Every trial lawyer has a few tried-and-truisms to use in the courtroom. For the admissibility of evidence: That goes to weight, not admissibility. For expert witnesses: The testimony would be helpful to the jury. And for relevance: They opened the … Continue reading

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Please Take 2 Minutes to Nominate Grand Jury Target for ABA Journal’s Top 100 Legal Blogs

Hello everyone I’m writing from Yosemite National Park–on a much-needed vacation with my family. But I realized upon checking back into social media after a week-long break that the deadline for the ABA Journal’s best 100 legal blogs is coming … Continue reading

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Absurd Obstruction Charge Reversed–But the Government Won’t Give Up

Sometimes, the good guys win. The Deepwater Horizon oil spill was a tragedy. The explosion was deadly and the resulting environmental harm was devastating. The government’s response was typical: let’s find some people to prosecute. One of the unlucky targets … Continue reading

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Tom Brady Is Lucky It Was Only an NFL Investigation

Deflategate is a riveting story. In this corner: a star quarterback who may have cheated in a playoff game. In the other corner: a despised NFL commissioner flexing his disciplinary muscle by upholding the QB’s four-game suspension. What’s turned out … Continue reading

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