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Fetishes, Fantasy and the Limits of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

It’s a common scenario: a company thinks an employee is using its computers to do something wrong. Maybe the employee is stealing clients for a new venture, copying data from proprietary research or leaking documents to the media about the … Continue reading

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Releasing Corporate Monitor Reports after a Non-Prosecution Agreement

Peter Henning of the New York Times White Collar Watch published an interesting piece on February 8 about the confidentiality of reports filed by corporate monitors after a non-prosecution agreement against a company. The article describes a recent decision by … Continue reading

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Why Does Congress Put Witnesses Through This Charade?

Like most people, I read the news stories about Martin Shkreli’s testimony before Congress this week. I saw the quotes about his eye-rolling and general snarkiness. His post-hearing tweet was amusing. Now, we’ve all had challenging clients. His lawyers … Continue reading

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When Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation Collide—Taking the Fifth in Civil Litigation

Most criminal defense lawyers would have no idea how to draft an interrogatory. That’s ok; it doesn’t come up in their practices. And most lawyers who handle civil cases would have no idea how to advise a client whose testimony … Continue reading

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