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That Time the SEC Got It Right

The NewYorker recently published an interesting article, “Why the SEC Didn’t Hit Goldman Sachs Harder.” The article posits that the SEC let individual executives on Wall Street off the hook for securities fraud after the financial crisis. The article offers … Continue reading

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Taking the Fifth for Financial Information: The Blankenship Case Is (Almost?) Done

Last December, Donald Blankenship was found guilty of conspiracy to violate mine safety laws. This is a misdemeanor. He was acquitted of the more serious felony charge against him for false SEC filings. In early April 2016, Mr. Blankenship was … Continue reading

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DOJ’s Sales Pitch Continues, But It’s Not All Bad

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about my disappointment that white-collar criminal defense attorneys too often treat cooperation with the government as a default position. Well, the government just sweetened the cooperation pot a little bit more. … Continue reading

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Not April Fool’s: Big Win in Forfeiture Case in Supreme Court

On Wednesday, the United States Supreme Court decided Luis v. United States. It is a big win for criminal defendants and for criminal defense lawyers alike. The Court held that For the reasons stated, we conclude that the defendant in … Continue reading

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