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Fifth Circuit Slaps Down District Court’s Loss Calculation in Contracting Fraud Case

The government knows—and exploits the fact—that loss amount is the driver of white collar sentences. In criminal contracting fraud cases, the government has taken the position that the relevant loss is the entire amount of the contract that was wrongfully … Continue reading

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Thinking About Consequences and the Yates Memo

Department of Justice officials have recently made several speeches trying to explain the Yates Memo. For example, On May 10, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates gave remarks at the New York City Bar Association’s white-collar crime conference. On May 14, … Continue reading

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Is the FCPA Unit Really Interested in “Transparency”?

For anyone who handles FCPA cases, the blog aptly titled FCPA Professor is required reading. Professor Mike Koehler covers all aspects of the statute, from reported court decisions interpreting its reach to updates on recent prosecutions under it. Prof. Koehler … Continue reading

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