About Sara and Dan

My name is Sara Kropf, and I’m a trial lawyer in Washington, DC. After practicing in a big firm for over 10 years, I left the firm January 2013 to start a solo practice. In October 2017, Dan Portnov joined me, after leaving the Securities and Exchange Commission and practicing in big firms for several years. In September 2019, Andrea Moseley and I joined forces. We are now Kropf Moseley PLLC. Compared to my years as a solo lawyer, our three-lawyer firm is practically an empire.

I focus on white-collar criminal defense work and civil litigation defense. Basically, if you get indicted or sued, I can help. You can find out all the details about my law firm on the firm’s website here.

My first trial ever was a death penalty resentencing trial. We lost. Horribly. That case shook my faith in the justice system.  My second trial was a three-week health care fraud trial. We won. So, I’ve seen the justice system work by protecting a truly innocent person. And I’ve seen the justice system fail by punishing someone unfairly. As a criminal defense lawyer, I’ve come to accept that it’s an imperfect system. The best I can do as a lawyer is work relentlessly to protect my clients from its unfair and imperfect elements.

I started this blog because I’m fascinated by the targets of criminal prosecutions, and I truly enjoy defending people who are being investigated by the federal government. I wanted to know what trends were emerging in these investigations and prosecutions and couldn’t find one website that would do that. I started this blog to do that. I hope you will enjoy reading it.  Feel free to send me comments, ideas for posts or random thoughts.

If you want to know a bit more about me, I live in Washington, DC–in the city proper, not in the suburbs. My husband is a lawyer for the Department of Justice. (It’s ok, I love him anyway). We have two wonderful sons who keep us busy in our off hours with baseball games, crew regattas, and barely-controlled mayhem. In my spare time, I love to bake and read. I take Metro to work every day, cheer on the Baltimore Ravens and Washington Nationals (2019 UPDATE: WORLD SERIES CHAMPION WASHINGTON NATIONALS!) and read way too many legal blogs.  Also, full disclosure: I was on the Math Team in high school.  Go ahead, make fun of me, but mathletes rule.

5 Responses to About Sara and Dan

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  2. gail kropf says:

    I remember the Math Team! You go girl…!

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  5. gracieblu64 says:

    I’m interested in your story about Susan Pruitt.

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