About Sara and Andrea

After Sara had practiced at a big firm for 10 years, she threw caution to the wind and started her own firm.  Then, in September 2019, Andrea Moseley joined the firm and we created Kropf Moseley PLLC.

We focus on white-collar criminal defense work and civil litigation defense. Basically, if you get indicted or sued, we can help. You can find out all the details about the law firm on the firm’s website here.

Sara’s Story 

My first trial ever was a death penalty resentencing trial. We lost. Horribly. That case shook my faith in the justice system.  My second trial was a three-week health care fraud trial. We won. So, I’ve seen the justice system work by protecting a truly innocent person. And I’ve seen the justice system fail by punishing someone unfairly. As a criminal defense lawyer, I’ve come to accept that it’s an imperfect system. The best I can do as a lawyer is work relentlessly to protect my clients from its unfair and imperfect elements.

I started this blog because I’m fascinated by the targets of criminal prosecutions, and I truly enjoy defending people who are being investigated by the federal government. I wanted to know what trends were emerging in these investigations and prosecutions and couldn’t find one website that would do that. I started this blog to do that.

If you want to know a bit more about me, I live in Washington, DC– in the city proper, not in the suburbs. My husband is a lawyer for the Department of Justice. (It’s ok, I love him anyway). We have two wonderful sons who keep us busy in our off hours with baseball games, crew regattas, and barely-controlled mayhem. I take Metro to work every day, cheer on the Baltimore Ravens and Washington Nationals (2019 UPDATE: WORLD SERIES CHAMPION WASHINGTON NATIONALS!), and read way too many legal blogs. I prefer one space after a period and the Oxford comma. I was on the Math Team in high school.  Go ahead, make fun of me, but mathletes rule.

Andrea’s Story

Andrea Moseley is an accomplished attorney with twenty-one years of multi-jurisdictional litigation experience and a strong background in complex criminal litigation including white collar crime and investigations in both federal and state courts.  Andrea has significant experience assisting clients through government investigations, including the Defense Department, State Department, Federal Bureau of Investigations, United States Postal Service, Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Homeland Security.  She has worked on numerous investigations and litigation related to the False Claims Act, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, anti-money laundering laws, government ethics, copyright and trademark fraud, RICO, export violations, immigration fraud, internet crimes, wiretap violations and international monetary offenses.  She also has significant experience representing defense contractors who have come under regulatory scrutiny.

Andrea’s trial experience sets her apart from many white collar litigators.   Andrea has represented hundreds of clients at trials in both federal and state criminal cases.  She has won acquittals on charges of immigration fraud, trademark violations, homicide and drug distribution.  She has extensive experience defending specialized legal matters such as: internet crimes, RICO conspiracy, money laundering, and criminal trademark violations.

Andrea believes that loyal and longstanding client relationships are made when the attorney takes the time to listen and comprehend the client in profound detail.  In addition, she has learned through years of experience that the best advocate must develop a firm grasp on the client’s personal concerns, financial stressors, business disruption and media concerns in order to be successful.

She also has significant relationships in the broader legal community as a leader.  Andrea has taught classes on the presentation of expert witness testimony and scientific evidence, Legal Rhetoric and coached the mock trial team at the American University College of Law.  She became the Chair of the Board of Directors for the Criminal Law Section of the Virginia State Bar after serving as a member.  She assisted in the resolution of attorney disciplinary matters as a member of the Fourth District Disciplinary Committee for the Virginia State Bar.  Andrea is also an active member of the steering committee of the prominent Virginia Criminal Justice Conference which consists of prosecutors, judges, justices and members of the General Assembly who seek to introduce legislation that improves the quality of legislation affecting the criminal justice system in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 


  1. I have never paid much attention on this kind of blogs until I am in a tough situation of being investigated. The blogs are so professional and helpful. I learned a lot and thanks for your time and efforts to share your experiences and knowledges.

    • An OIG cannot technically prosecute anyone but an OIG will help federal prosecutors investigate wrongdoing. And, yes, a non-federal employee or company can be investigated by an OIG in certain circumstances.

  2. Both Sara and Andrea have impressive backgrounds but Sara’s bio is more fun to read. Sorry Andrea.

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