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The Department of Justice Should Drop the Inauguration Day Protest Cases

The Department of Justice has been humiliated in its misguided prosecution of over two hundred Inauguration Day protestors. It has lost every single case to go to trial. It has engaged in intentional violations of the rules. And it has … Continue reading

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Doing the Government’s Laundry

By Dan Portnov In certain legal (nerd) circles, coining a phrase or term of art is one of the surest ways to achieve immortality – think Tim Wu’s first use of “network neutrality” in a 2003 journal article or Justice … Continue reading

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Should a Court Erase a Prosecutor’s Name from an Opinion about Brady Violations?

I was perusing recent opinions from the courts of appeal for possible blog post ideas when I came across an odd-looking errata sheet. Here’s an excerpt: That’s odd, I thought. I took a look at the original opinion in the … Continue reading

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Fight the Power, Part IV: The Government Backs Off Absurd Claims of “Witness Tampering”

A defendant has a constitutional right to prepare a defense to criminal charges. In a white-collar case, contacting potential witnesses is as important as reviewing the document trail. Why does the government feel threatened when we do our jobs? I … Continue reading

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Massey Mine Defense Team Wins the Discovery Lottery–But Then Can’t Collect on It?

A few weeks ago, I wrote about some important discovery motions in the Massey Mine trial unfolding in the Southern District of West Virginia. The defense had a nice win recently on one of those motions. But according to a … Continue reading

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The Massey Mine Trial’s Discovery Battles Continue, and Why Rule 16 Still S&%ks

I have previously posted about the upcoming trial of Donald Blankenship, the former CEO of Massey Energy Company. Mr. Blankenship was indicted on several charges, including conspiracy to violate federal mine safety standards, following a fatal explosion at one of … Continue reading

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Can The Ethics Rules Stop Brady Violations?

Brady v. Maryland requires a prosecutor to disclose evidence that is favorable to the defense. Yet many critics have correctly pointed out that unless there exists a way to discipline prosecutors who willfully violate this obligation, it is an abstract … Continue reading

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A Brady Win for a Defendant–Finally (and Some Tips to Get Brady Material)

The conviction and sentence of a man in California were recently vacated when it was discovered that the government had improperly withheld exculpatory material from his defense team at trial. We read a lot of stories about the failures of Brady … Continue reading

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Judge Jed Rakoff Is Never Boring

There have been a lot of reasons to find SDNY Judge Jed S. Rakoff interesting. But the most recent one–involving his resignation from a federal commission over forensic science discovery rules–is in the top 10. (Be sure to read the … Continue reading

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Question of the Day: Should Defendants Get Complete Discovery Before Deciding Whether To Plead Guilty?

A few days ago, I attended the excellent white collar conference sponsored by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) in Washington, DC. During one of the panels, an interesting topic arose: should criminal defendants be entitled to discovery … Continue reading

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