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Cell Site Evidence is Junk Science (and a Recent DC Opinion Could Help Keep It Out of Court)

By Sara Kropf Since I handle only white-collar criminal matters, I don’t deal with forensic science as often as other criminal defense lawyers do. I’ve never had a case turn on DNA samples or bitemark evidence or analysis of clothing … Continue reading

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Roger Stone’s Early-Morning Arrest: Stop the Perp Walk

If you read my Twitter feed, you may know that I am a bit left of center when it comes to politics. Ok, I’m a lot left of center. But, like so many criminal defense lawyers, I don’t judge my … Continue reading

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The Government Is Probably Going to Win on the Michael Cohen TRO Motion

The government filed its opposition to Michael Cohen’s motion for a temporary restraining order today. I wrote earlier this week about the search warrant and noted that there would be a court battle coming. Well, here it is. Oddly, the … Continue reading

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How to Prepare a Nervous Witness for a Government Interview (Part II)

By Sara Kropf In Part I of this series, I listed my first six tips for preparing a nervous witness (or any witness, really) for a voluntary government interview. Those tips involved a lot of the mechanics of preparing your … Continue reading

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What is an FBI 302? The Problematic Nature of FBI Agents’ Interview Memos

Former FBI Director James Comey apparently wrote a memo summarizing his meeting with President Trump. The memo purportedly recounts the president’s statement saying he “hoped” that Comey would drop the investigation into the ties between his campaign and the Russians. … Continue reading

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