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The Department of Justice Should Drop the Inauguration Day Protest Cases

The Department of Justice has been humiliated in its misguided prosecution of over two hundred Inauguration Day protestors. It has lost every single case to go to trial. It has engaged in intentional violations of the rules. And it has … Continue reading

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Protecting the Unindicted Co-Conspirator – Bridgegate, Continued

In North Jersey Media Group, Inc. v. United States, the Third Circuit addressed another interesting legal issue that arose within the Bridgegate scandal in New Jersey. You can read more about that case here. The media’s right to access information … Continue reading

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Free Speech Wins: Overbroad Massey Mine Gag Order Lifted

I have been writing about the stupendously overbroad gag order imposed sua sponte by the judge in the criminal trial of Donald Blankenship, former CEO of Massey Mine. Judge Irene Berger imposed it, several media organizations intervened to challenge it, … Continue reading

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Gag Me With An . . . Order? Massey Mine Case Starts With Broad Gag Order

The federal case against former Massey CEO Donald Blankenship has taken a rather unexpected turn—a sweeping gag and sealing order that effectively prevents anyone from following the case. I was hoping to cover this case in some detail by analyzing … Continue reading

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