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A Podcast About Representing Executives in Internal Investigations Featuring . . . Me

Sometimes I’m asked whether this blog has led to clients. That’s a hard question to answer. The simple answer is probably no. I don’t write this blog for SEO purposes, and I don’t write it for the person-on-the-street. Most of … Continue reading

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Keep Your Friends Close – The Second Circuit Strengthens Common Interest Privilege

The common interest (sometimes called “joint defense”) privilege serves an invaluable strategic role in complex white-collar cases. It allows the targets of an investigation to work together, without fear that the government will discover their communications or shared work product. … Continue reading

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Will the New DOJ Policy End Joint Defense Agreements?

The white collar world is abuzz about DOJ’s new policy requiring companies to identify the individuals involved in wrongdoing to get cooperation credit. Joint defense agreements between companies and their executives allow the targets of a criminal investigation to work … Continue reading

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