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Bring in the SEC Taint Team

by Dan Portnov Let’s say that you or your company find yourselves in the unfortunate position of receiving a document request by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with limited resources for representation. You’ve retained a moderately-priced, hyper-efficient securities enforcement … Continue reading

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SEC Charges Firm with Not Snitching Enough

Regular readers of this blog know that I resent when the government forces private industry to do the government’s job. Internal investigations are a good example. Companies spend millions conducting them into possible wrongdoing—hoping for leniency—and then turn over the … Continue reading

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That Time the SEC Got It Right

The NewYorker recently published an interesting article, “Why the SEC Didn’t Hit Goldman Sachs Harder.” The article posits that the SEC let individual executives on Wall Street off the hook for securities fraud after the financial crisis. The article offers … Continue reading

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The SEC Finally Surrenders in Insider Trading Case

The SEC finally gave up the ship in its insider trading case against former hedge fund managers Anthony Chiasson and Todd Newman. After the Second Circuit reversed their convictions and the Supreme Court denied cert, the SEC decided not to … Continue reading

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The Problem With Perks – SEC Cracks Down on Disclosure of Executive Compensation

There’s no question that corporate executives enjoy certain perks. They come with the job, right? The government can’t outlaw corporate perks, but the SEC has cracked down on the proper disclosure of them. It recently sued the former CEO of … Continue reading

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A Look-Back Review Gone Wrong – SEC Charges Wells Fargo Compliance Consultant with Altering Records Related to Insider Trading

The SEC has charged Judy Wolf, a former compliance consultant for Wells Fargo Advisors, with falsifying records that were submitted to the SEC during the investigation of a registered Wells Fargo representative. Ms. Wolf allegedly falsified her internal investigation logs … Continue reading

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Why Is It So Hard To Defend Against Insider Trading Charges? Qualcomm Employees Face SEC and Criminal Charges

In February 2014, Chinese antitrust regulators announced that they suspected wireless technology company Qualcomm Inc. of overcharging its customers and abusing its powerful market position. According to reports, Qualcomm could face fines of up to $1 billion (cue Austin Powers-like … Continue reading

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Was There a Fox in the Henhouse? Corporate Auditor at Public Company Charged with Insider Trading

As someone who handles litigation and white-collar criminal matters, I’m often troubled by my clients’ corporate audit department. It will author lengthy, non-privileged reports about processes at companies that don’t work. Those reports put everyone on notice about those failing … Continue reading

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What Does the TD In TD Bank Stand For? Also, Did TD Bank’s Vice President Help Scott Rothstein’s Ponzi Scheme?

The SEC and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency both claimed that TD Bank assisted Scott Rothstein—the Florida lawyer currently serving 50 years in prison for a Ponzi scheme—with committing fraud. The OCC contended that TD Bank violated … Continue reading

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Seven Fun Ways To Commit Insider Trading

There have been several high-profile insider trading cases recently. I can’t do justice to the facts of all the recent cases, but here’s a quick sampling of some of the more interesting cases. 1.         Use a Facebook Friend.  Badin Rungruangnavarat, … Continue reading

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