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Music City and the FCPA: What More Can You Want?

If you are new to white-collar work, you will quickly hear about the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act or FCPA. For you seasoned attorneys out there, you may feel like you’ve heard too much about it. But here’s the thing: you … Continue reading

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How to Prepare a Nervous Witness for a Government Interview (Part 1 of 2)

Representing a witness during a voluntary interview or proffer session with the government requires preparation. As the lawyer, you will get ready by reviewing documents, talking to other lawyers in the joint defense group about anticipated questions and working through … Continue reading

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The Torment of Being Under Criminal Investigation

Many of my white-collar clients are startled to learn how long a government investigation and criminal trial take. They think it will last a year, maybe 14 months. Instead, it can take years. Delay can work to my clients’ advantage, … Continue reading

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SEC Charges Firm with Not Snitching Enough

Regular readers of this blog know that I resent when the government forces private industry to do the government’s job. Internal investigations are a good example. Companies spend millions conducting them into possible wrongdoing—hoping for leniency—and then turn over the … Continue reading

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The Five Most-Read Posts of 2016 (and My Five Favorite Posts This Year)

Last year, I did a round-up of the 10 most popular blog posts from 2015. Since I’m just back from vacation and have about 48 items on my to-do list, I thought I’d repeat the concept this year too. I … Continue reading

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Control—Having It and Losing It

I work with a lot of corporate executives who are being investigated by the government. They are folks who are used to being in control. They lead divisions or units or entire companies. They lead a government agency. They handle … Continue reading

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Prosecutorial Misconduct in the Grand Jury But No Dismissal of Charges, Says Ninth Circuit

Prosecutors who engage in misconduct are rarely subjected to ethics charges. In a recent case out of the Ninth Circuit, the prosecutor engaged in wrongdoing, the court suggests that he should be referred to the bar, yet there is no … Continue reading

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Are Your Client’s Emails Sent From His Work Computer Privileged? A Somewhat Helpful Ninth Circuit Decision

When I meet with a new client, particularly a corporate executive under criminal investigation, we talk about emails. I tell him that he should use his personal email account to communicate with me, not his work account, since his employer … Continue reading

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A Misleading DOJ Press Release

I was surprised to read the headline of a recent DOJ press release: “Former Acclarent, Inc. Executives Convicted of Crimes Related to the Sale of Medical Devices.” I was surprised because I thought I’d read that the case had been … Continue reading

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Another Big Win in the White Collar World (This Time in the EDVA, of All Places)

After I wrote my last post, I was reminded about another big win that I should have mentioned before. Greg Poe, Preston Burton and Rachel Li Wai Suen won a complete acquittal for former high-ranking army officer Edwin Livingston. Here’s … Continue reading

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