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Is This Trade Secrets Prosecution Crumbling? An Update on the Eli Lilly Case

A few months ago, I posted about a trade secrets prosecution involving Eli Lilly employees. There have been some interesting developments over the last few months. In 2013, the government accused Guoqing Cao and Shuyu Li of stealing trade secrets … Continue reading

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The Secret Life of the Director of Financial Reporting: Guilty Plea by Celgene Corp. Executive for Insider Trading Scheme

For over five years years, the former Director of Financial Reporting at Celgene Corp. engaged in an insider trading scheme. The government contended that John Lazorchak passed along inside information through middlemen, distributed and received profits from the insider trading … Continue reading

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Protecting Trade Secrets—Even for Eli Lilly—Is No Easy Matter: Two Scientists Indicted for Sharing Research with Chinese Competitor

Trade secret cases are fascinating. They give some insight into how companies develop research; how valuable that research is; and the steps these companies take to protect research from being leaked to competitors. Trade secrets are stored on computers, in … Continue reading

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